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Hi, I am Esteban García a new media artist and a PhD student in the department of computer graphics at Purdue University. I do love art and I do love computer graphics. This is the type of stuff that I enjoy making. However, real love is not always a garden of roses and, I struggle a lot with my own thoughts. I am usually involved with a set of creative and exciting projects, but my lack of motivation gets in the way sometimes… it slows me down. I lay in my bed and think.    think    and think some more. This stream of ideas is overwhelming sometimes.  I want to use this blog as a form of documentation, but mostly as a form of therapy to let all this thoughts out. Cyberspace is vast and wonderful there is a lot of other places to read, look and network. This site will not give the readers any answers about anything… the points of view presented here are arguable.  In short, I am disappointed from ideologies and don’t foresee a great future coming up to us. I had a girlfriend that thought that we could make a different future, that people like Bono and all the charity would save the world. This relationship lasted 3 weeks.
This year I’ll be 30 and a lot of things are what I expected to be and others not so much. Some people say you should start a blog to get a job, to have web presence… I have web presence since 1995 band this hasn’t helped  me deal with the rejection letters I get on a daily basis.  Luckly, I have a job teaching a sketching class in the Computer Graphics department, but this is just part of my PhD.  What will happen next? The future produces me a lot of anxiety.

Anyways, This is kind of the idea for now. I will also discuss literature and research into this ramblings.

Disclaimer: I am a non-native english speaker. Posts may have inaccurate use of grammar. I’ll proof read, but will not spend hours on each text. If you are into style, buy a book!

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