Sprite Art Workshop

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The craft of creating animated frames for 2D videogames is refered to as spriting or pixel art. With the advent of new image techniques and technologies in computer graphics, pixel-level editing has become an unusual practice. Hardware’s limiting constraints in resolution and colorspace, shaped early videogame aesthetics. Art director from Megaman for NES, Keiji Infaune explains that there were “severe visual restrictions” and that, a lot of detail couldn’t be added in the dot matrix of early videogame consoles. (Infaune, 2009).

Artists of the digital age explore technologies as new tool for creative development. This workshop will contextualize videogames in contemporary art and will introduce participants to some of the techniques for sprite making and further development.
By: Esteban García
MFA, PhD student in computer graphics, Purdue University.

Duration: 9 AM – 3:30 PM

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