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In september I had two presentations in LAF ISEA 2012 in Albuquerque, NM. It was really great to see this part of the country and reconnect with my friend Andres Burbano, whom invited me to collaborate in the code talkers panel. I have decided to add here both of my presentations in pdf for documentation

Radio Chigüiro was a social platform for the distribution of Lafayette, Indiana’s “glocal” culture. It operated as a community radio, exploring youth practices associated with parties, live music shows, and free radio workshops by using a web site as a medium for contact, production and participation. Using basic computers, participants will learn to produce their own radio programs. The objective of the workshop is to instruct in easy
and free resources for audio recording, editing and broadcasting.

The workshop is available here:

Radio Chiguiro Workshop

and materials here:

Radio Escuela

My other presentation was “Navajo Code Talkers and technology.” I was invited to collaborate with this project, originally conceptualized by Andrés Burbano.

The Latin American Forum at ISEA2012 is proud to host Bill Toledo, Navajo Code Talker. The history of Native American Code Talkers remains as one of the most complex and intriguing interactions between indigenous communities and the geopolitical challenges that characterized the XX century. This conversation with Bill Toledo is not only an opportunity to engage with his personal history and the context of his work as a code talker, but is also an opportunity to explore topics related to the nature of language, code and computation. This presentation highlights the renovation of the discourse about Latin American understanding with the richness of the Native American Cultures.

Presentation here:



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