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Museo del futuro was the result of an artistic residency in the city of Caracas in 2004. During a period of three months, I collected data from the website “”, no longer online as of today. The data was acquired though a survey with 5 questions about a disappeared consumer product. The questions were:

  1. Which of the disappeared products you remember?
  2. Describe it’s Flavor/Smell
  3. Year
  4. How was the design? (color, logo, etc.)
  5. Any additional information?
fig1.survey screenshot
I received 54 entries. The submissions were used to create visual representations of these memories based on the given information. However, this project was unfinished since only 30 of the products had been visualized. A few weeks ago I found an old stack of papers and with the Museo del futuro drawings in it. Under the light of the topic of “data visualization,” I gained interest on this project on a different level. This time I wanted to analyze this data through the lens of qualitative research and to produce visualizations for it.
fig2. example of the product visualizations. see all
As opposed to “number crunching” the surveys, I read the dataset until themes and patterns emerged.  The themes found were:
fruity, chocolate, colorful, childhood, spicy, sweet, cheesy, fresh, chewy, drink, snack, bubblegum, candy, ice cream, cookie, beer dairy, milk chocolate, spreadable chocolateThe visual results are below:
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