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My friends from espacio 101/ La ramona proyectos organized an independent publication festival called C-Zine. The exhibit took place in El Parqueadero-Espacio de proyectos Museo de Arte del Banco de la República, in Bogotá Colombia. For this invitational, I asked my buddy Aaron Nemec to finalize one of our drawing projects that we had been working since 2010. The results of tracing each other’s drawings became image sequences and animations. The inspiration for the each sequence was almost surreal… Our conversations of the day, could turn into actual sequences- like in the case of the Knife-donut-hulk sequence, taken from a discussion about cutting donuts at home. The result was “Scorpio” a 3 minute animated short with hundreds of drawings in motion. The soundtrack was developed by Nemec and I, but mostly Nemec. The editing process was pretty cool. I feel like we were swaping files for a while and building it very slowly.


Las Malas Amistades performing


Scorpio in the Exhibit



C-Zine view  (pictures by La Ramona)

Another part of the process with Scorpio, was to create it into an actual DVD to be more of a publication. For this matter, buddy Zern from Mine-Us print hooked us up with some pretty awesome inks. We used the limited edition prints to wrap the disc…


This was a very exciting experience of bridging Bogotá (my hometown) and Lafayette (where I’ve lived for 8 years). La Ramona and Foamcity will continue developing more cross-national exhibits in this two places this fall.  After “Pizza” in 2012, we are planning a new show called GIF: graphic interchange format. Stay tuned!


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