CGT 216 – Vector Imaging for Computer Graphics


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Art by Ben Yoder

Course overview

Full-color vector illustrations for a variety of uses are produced using computer methods. Color theory, surface analysis, and rendering techniques are emphasized as they apply to vector-based technical illustrations .


Course objectives

Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:

  • Understand the cognitive and communicative attributes that make graphics effective.
  • Learn about the history, implications and application of vector graphics.
  • Specify color in RGB, HLS, CYMK, and PANTONE systems as they relate to vector illustrations.
  • Discover the suitability of PostScript vector graphics applications for particular illustration tasks.
  • Gain skill in an industry-standard PostScript illustration tool.
  • Describe methods for planning and evaluating informational graphics.
  • Develop experience in securing high-quality color output from service bureaus.
  • Learn about the principles of light, shade and shadow as they apply to vector renderings.
  • Create realistic and appealing technical graphics for visualization.
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