Audiovisual performance: revenge eternal

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I just came back from Indianapolis. Last night we played in a place called “Earth House”, a venue for independent visual artists and performers. It is located downtown “Indy” a few blocks from our friends Jordan, Ryan and Benedict. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, one of the members of revenge eternal couldn’t come to our show and we had to adapt the sound material a little. Here is a picture of the auditorium where we played at:

The show was booked by Erin Drew, a very interesting visual artist that I met a couple of years ago through a Meatballz show in Zonie’s closet, Indianapolis. Aaron and I got there and we were surprised that we were playing at a very old methodist? church. erin did a very cool flyer for the event too:

There was a big group of friends from the Lafayette infamous scene and their presence didn’t remain unnoticed by the public attending to the event.  The consumption of alcoholic beverages was frowned upon by one of the organizers of the event. Anyways, our show seemed to have a receptive audience and we also enjoyed the other bands on the show: Bad eyes and Drekka. I really hope we get to get around with the revenge eternal project. I just want to have something else than research. I am more of an artist than a researcher and I want to keep my interests well balanced. We will play 2 shows next friday in Lafayette, our hometown. we’ll see how that goes.

Here is a video documentation of the revenge eternal performance days before the earth house show:

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