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Last week I presented my dissertation proposal to my committee. To say the least, it was a challenging and awesome experience. After 2 hours of heady talk and scrutiny from my 4 committee members. I got my thesis proposal approved! That means that my research project is good to go. It’s hard to keep in my mind all the things I have to do. In fact having this blog kind of saved my ass when I explained I used it as a researcher-bias check – journal. I guess it is!

Now I have to get that IRB approved and the rest should be smooth sailing. I mean I’m almost done with that statistics class… Things are looking up.

On another note, first run of my submitted proposals to conferences and art venues is starting to come back.

Refused proposals:

  • Currents New media festival, Santa Fe
  • Mapping festival, idk?
  • Bilsland fellowship, Purdue

Accepted (so far)

  • ISEA 2012 Albuquerque

We’ll see what happens but I am excited about the news with ISEA 2012. It is for my project that is in this blog called ‘banana doom’. Okay I sign off now. Gotta go work on the “Experiencia Mística” project an arduino/ processing controlled environment! here is a teaser pic:

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