Yturralde: Impossible Figure Generator

This research highlights José Maria Yturralde’s most significant involvement and contributions to early computer art from 1968 to 1973 at the Centro de Cílculo de la Universidad de Madrid (CCUM). Yturralde collaborated with artists and scientists to expand and redefine his understanding of shapes, and explored ways that the mainframe computer could be used as a tool for complementing his art practices. He is most well known for developing a mathematical model with which he was able to create a highly sophisticated program where Penrose geometries could be recombined algorithmically. However, there is limited evidence and access to the code of the actual software. Our goal is to further understand Yturralde’s contribution by developing a re-significance of his model, which we have accomplished through a modern interpretation of original manuscripts.
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A project by Esteban García Bravo and Jorge A. García