I'm interested in the exchange of information and knowledge in informal contexts. For this reason my work involves community workshops. The participants, topics and methodology vary according to local resources and the needs of an specific community. Inexpensive, recycled materials and fun are important components of these experiences.

The art of Papel Picado

Papel Picado workshop

This workshop was presented at the Tippecanoe County Public Library and was designed to instruct others to create original patterns inspired in the Mexican tradition. Participants will learn simple concepts and theories of visual perception that will help them to develop their creative ideas.

Mini-FM radio

Taller de Mini FM

Build your own low-range radio transmitter using simple electronics. The content of this workshop uses Tesuo Kogawa's Mini-FM schematics. And the Broadcast your podcast (BYP) project. The workshop was held during my Art Residency in Lugar a Dudas, Cali in June 2008

Ajustes al MINI FM


Sin Atropellos: Zine workshop


This workshop was created to raise awareness about pedestrian safety among transients in a Red Cross assisted living facility. Participants were invited to design, write and draw pages to conform a zine during 2 working sessions. The result of this activity is a 64 page zine booklet called "Sin Atropellos". Bogotá, June 2007


Recording Workshop


Learn to use your computer as a recording tool for making radio programs and podcasts. This workshop was held during the Stereo Eventos project in Ubalá, Colombia with students of the Colegio Departamental in June 2007

Design stage props

Taller de Decoraciones

Using inexpensive or recycled materials like pape- maché paint or cardboard collaborate with others to make funny signs and objects. The workshop was held during my Art Residency in Lugar a Dudas, Cali in June 2008

Moni Haciendo su Dumi-trash