electronic media studio 1

EMS1 is an introductory course dedicated to the exploration of a range of artistic practices using the Macintosh computer. It consists of technical workshops, creative assignment work and class discussions and critiques. The course begins with a media-archeological investigation of the transition from still to moving images, one of the key moments in the history of electronic and time-based art. It continues with explorations into the field of sound and brings together digital images and sounds in a section on animation. In the second half of the semester, we will challenge ideas of traditional "linear" media with experiments in basic interactivity and learn simple programming techniques. The course closes with a documentation of all the works in form of a WWW presentation.

The Electronic Media Studio 1 is an art studio before it is a computer course. Our goal is to make art with computers, not simply learn how to use computers. Every student in this course should use it as an opportunity to become a media art creator rather than consumer. Assignments in this course are invitations to invent and experiment. They are also designed as hands-on experiences to explore the possibilities and pitfalls of this new medium.


Student's Projects

The Switch

In this assignment I ask you to create a very simple system in which a sensor input triggers content (audio, visual or both) on the computer in real-time. We will work with the Arduino USB interface board and connect it to our director script. Please start with ideas that work with the technically simplest sensor: the ON/OFF switch and try to find interesting/surprising/humorous ways that people could interact with it.
It is important that you think of a design for the new sensor interface, which you are going to develop. Consider how the overall form, shape and visual qualities of your interface can contribute to the user interaction and how the form and function of your new computer interface relates to the digital content that it manipulates/creates/transforms. This content can be: still images, moving images, texts or sounds or any combination of these.

Documentation of projects

Download files for making this project You'll need an Arduino Board and software, Director MX and the Serial Xtra Plugin installed on your computer.

Arduino Board and computer
Interfacing a switch with an: Arduino Board and computer