video work

I present my video work regularly in live audio/visual performances under the alias of VJ Snebtor. I have collaborated with different musicians but right now I perform mostly with sound artist analog zebra. I use collage, drawings, photo and recycled images and software for making them. AZ & Snebtor performance can also be known as "party criminals". We book shows and have traveled playing in Lafayette, Chicago, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Boston.
I also use video as a form for documentation of my other projects

link to Analog Zebra

music by Analog Zebra

Video by Chad Rainey and Snebtor. Clothing: MINE-US Music: Analog Zebra Cast: Beavis, Esteban, Chad, Zernack

Lafayette Theater
AZ & Snebtor Live: Lafayette Theater

Chicago house party
AZ & Snebtor: Chicago house party

Zombie Party 2007
AZ & Snebtor: Zombie Party 2007

Fite Live at zoolegers 

Animation screenshot 

Party Criminals: flyer

Basement show 

Video on Ceiling: Boston

Fite Live at zoolegers: 2007

Decorations made for show 

set for space laser video