Robot Transformation

A possible place for a cultural contextualization of robotics is popular culture, specifically films and science fiction literature. My work "Robot Transformation" is inspired by human-machine relationships, specifically the construction of fear and anxiety in their portrayal in (Western) popular culture.
This experiment is inspired by imaginary human to robot transformations. Films such as Metropolis (1927), Superman III (1983), and Moonwalker (1988), depict the process of turning a human into a robot. Thunder, sparks and light are some of the graphic elements used to represent the becoming of this new life form: the cyborg, a human being that, after a tragic accident gets parts of their body replaced with technology (Reichardt 1978, 28). I have incorporated these graphic themes into my work and combined them with my own imagination to draw an image sequence of a robots head.
The interactive system is using face recognition algorithms to map the image sequences to the viewer's face. Face recognition and computer vision algorithms are frequently used to allow a robot to map the environment around it. The participants of this piece can experience how the machine sees and follows them, while they look inside the display case and observe the machine.