Radio Chigüiro

Radio Chiguiro ( is a social platform for the distribution of Lafayette, Indiana's glocal culture. It operates as community radio, which explores youth practices associated with parties, live music shows, and free radio workshops by using a web site as a medium for contact and production, functioning under the principles of participation. These elements propose resistance and open tactics of opposition to corporate mass media as well as forms of control and restriction in the circulation of information and knowledge.

-Fernando Escobar in Glocalizados y desrealizados: colectivos artísticos en Colombia, Arte Contexto 18. (2008/2), Madrid

Radio Chigüiro was my MFA thesis project and current main research area, here is a link to the text

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"Radio Chiguiro reclaims the airwaves" Event. May 25 2007

Radio Chiguiro en Lugar a Dudas, Cali.