crunchy vision

By Esteban Garcia and Juan Obando

recycling. resizing. remixing.

No need for image-making! crunchy vissions is the artifact that switches codes in order to deliver dynamic graphics through a sound-based interface. Crunchy Vision uses an arduino board to interface the keyboard keys to the USB port in the computer. Using the software "processing", the input data interpreted by the arduino board asigns an animated giff to each value.
In a digital world full of images and sounds, "crunchy vision" establishes itself as a mixed-media recycling tool, using a musical instrument as a controller for image mixing. The result: a performance that remixes, reuses and recycles audiovisual codes, inverting and questioning the role of the "art maker" in a context where every bit of information is a ready made waiting to be exploited. The audience wonders where the music and the images are coming from. Is it the computer or Is it the synthesizer? Is this live or previously recorded? What is original what is not?. Technology enables us to sit and buy, but also to open and crack. Crunchy Vision floats in the middle. While collecting imagery from old video games but also creating new scenarios from this graphics, this recycling tool gets a life of its own.

Circuit inside with Arduino board