Beto: the bt corn

Many consumers aren't aware that genetically modified foods have been considered "substantially equivalent" to other foods by executive order, and therefore passed with little regulation to the public without their knowledge or consent.
Use of genetically modified organisms(GMO) in the food industry has increased dramatically over the past few years. Most of the products available in supermarkets today are the result of genetically engineered ingredients.
Researchers have studied the negative impacts of GM foods and have concluded that some risks include damages to the heart, liver and kidneys.
The Midwestern states produce a majority of the bt Corn consumed in America. Farmers have adopted genetically modified corn to provide the food industry prime material for high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a cheaper alternative for sugar.
Presently, there are no regulations for the use of genetically modified foods in industry and consumers are relatively uninformed of the risks this may pose to their health. This game attempts to inform consumers of these issues through gameplay.
As Beto collects high fructose corn syrup items at the corn factory, he will also discover the truth about genetically modified organisms.

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